Assemblies and Activities

“Try not to become a person of success but try become a  person of values”

Assemblies are an important feature of school’s routine. They also form a significance part of the school’ curriculum.

Special assemblies are organised by respective houses and classes. Assemblies are organised form of class presentations by each class on a given theme related celebration of special days, national and religious festivals.

To boost up the confidence of the students and over come their stage fear , we ensure maximum participation on the stage.

Activities C0 – Curricular Activities

‘Co- curricular activities are instrumental for drawing out the best potentialities pf the child.

Co -curricular activities are intended to bring social and intellectual skills moral cultural and ethical values, personality development and character advancement in students,

In Ascent Public School, there are various activities like,  Recitation competition, Essay writing , Poster making, English spell Bee, Drawing & Colouring competitions, Puppet and Rakhi making ,

Pot and Diya Decoration etc. to motivate the children.